Terms & Conditions

1. Skip hire is for a maximum period of 7 working days unless otherwise stated.
2. No asbestos or any kind of liquid or chemical substance to be placed in the skip.
3. Hirer must ensure that the skip is a level load in the interest of safety.
4. The company reserve the right to remove any waste that we deem to be unsafe, without prior notice to the hirer.
5. No fires to be lit in the skip.
6. The skip must not be moved after delivery.
7. The hirer will accept full responsibility of repair costs for any damage that may occur whilst in their care.
8. The company will not accept responsibility for any harm to person(s), or damage to their property arising from or during the hire e.g. walls, drives etc.
9. In the event of non-payment, we reserve the right to empty the contents of the skip prior to removal.
10. The company reserves the right to withhold the collection of the skip against the payment by the tenant or contractor.
11. No tyres of any kind to be placed in the skip.
12. No fridges or freezers to be placed in the skip.
13. No gas or oxygen bottles to be placed in the skip.