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Commercial Skip Hire Services Maldon

Skip hire is an extraordinarily competitive market. SB Skip Hire have been in operation for long over 25 years, providing a service level that other businesses can only dream of being able to outshine. Although skip hire is such a competitive market, this has been no problem for SB Skip Hire, as business has been booming for us since day 1. We are extremely well known by people of Essex, as we have been providing such an amazing service every day for over 25 years.

Our service level and attitude towards this amazing market has never changed. We have plenty of skips over at our headquarters, and we’re able to hire these out to everybody, be it industrial or commercial, we’ve got all of the skips that you could ever need for the job. Not only do we have the best skill for the job, but our equipment and expertise will also do you proud, ensuring that the skip hire job is run as smooth and swift as possible, so that both our team and our customer’s project can move on as quickly as possible.

SB Skip Hire – Why use us for your project?

We know that construction can be an extremely stressful job, and that’s why our service levels are the way that they are. The SB Skip Hire team know that you’ve got deadlines to hit, and that is exactly why we do everything in our power to ensure that everything is run smoothly and extremely quickly. Have a chat with one of our team members –  they will be able to give you the very best expert advice about the perfect skip for the job. We have lots of skips, ranging from 2 yards all the way up to the 14 yard skips. No job is too small, or too big for SB Skip Hire. We can do the lot.

Not only do we have an extremely professional service, and have one of the largest skip collections in the whole of Essex, but one of our most loyal clients that we work alongside is the Chelmsford County Council. This enables us to have an extraordinary relationship with loads of different businesses all over Essex! In fact, the Chelmsford County Council have been recommending us to lots of different businesses, and this means that the businesses have got extreme peace of mind, as they will be constantly reassured that the service levels must be good if the local council have recommended us, and we’re extremely thankful for that. Our service level has been, and always will be… the very best.

Not just commercial skip hire in Maldon!

We’re fans of the environment – and you should be too! Here at SB Skip Hire, we operate a fully licensed waste transfer station. This allows for us to be able to separate the good stuff from the bad stuff. We aim to recycle up to 90% of all of the waste that comes through our doors on a daily basis. We’re able to take on wood, metal, cardboard etc. but we’re also extremely proud to be able to take on large concrete slabs, metal pipes and even large metal equipment. No task is daunting for SB Skip Hire.


SB Skip Hire provide a range of skips, suitable for projects of all sizes:

2 Yard Skip Hire (Mini)

4 Yard Skip Hire (Midi)

6 Yard Skip Hire (Small Builders)

8 Yard Skip Hire (Medium Builders)

10 Yard Skip Hire (Large Builders)

12 Yard Skip Hire (Extra Large Builders (Maxi))

14 Yard Skip Hire (Extra Large Builders Skip (Maxi))

Areas that we cover: